Green 13 Heat Pump Event

Green 13 Heat Pump Event

Find out more about how heat pumps work and why they are the better climate choice for home heating.  Guest speakers include:

Paul Dowsett - Co-founder of Ontario Net-Zero Architects Network; Retrofit Coach, Pocket Change; and Vice-Chair of Toronto Home Retrofits

Paul will be presenting an overview of home retrofits, including the reasons for doing them, the different ways people can approach them, and where heat pumps fit into the scheme of things.


Michelle Hjort from Neighbourhood Energy Solutions

Michelle will be presenting the nitty gritty about heat pumps, including different kinds, and considerations for selection and installation.


Keith Burrows from The Atmospheric Fund

Keith will be presenting a case study of his own home retrofit and some information on the retrofit work of The Atmospheric Fund.

April 23, 2024 at 6:30pm - 8:30pm
Swansea Town Hall
95 Lavinia Avenue
Toronto, ON M6S 3H9
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