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**Attention Homeowners**

This is an update about the current home grant program (Canada Greener Homes Grant - CGHG) that may be of interest to homeowners.

A CBC news article about updates to rebate program funding came out on November 17, 2023. It outlines communication from the federal Natural Resources Minister Jonathan Wilkinson conveying that, due to popularity of the program, the funding originally allocated to this grant stream is running out faster than anticipated. At this time, we understand that it will not affect homeowners who are already signed up for the rebate program.

What we know:

  • Funding for the federal Greener Homes initiative is being used faster than expected and it is possible that the program will no longer take new applications as of March 2024.
  • For homeowners, your rebates are secure if you have already had your pre-retrofit audit.
  • The Greener Homes Loan will continue to operate until funds are exhausted.
  • More details will hopefully be made available in December regarding next steps.

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Our homes and buildings are vital to our wellbeing, social connectivity and economy — but they are also Canada’s third-largest source of emissions. In Toronto, building sector emissions are by far the greatest source of greenhouse gas emissions, accounting for 58 per cent of total community-wide emissions. Natural gas, used mostly for space and water heating, continues to be the largest source of buildings sector emissions in Toronto. 

THR is aligned with and supports the City’s accelerated TransformTO Net Zero climate action strategy and goal to reduce City-wide greenhouse gas emissions in all sectors to net zero by 2040, including all homes and buildings.

Helping Toronto communities upgrade their residents’ homes helps homeowners save on their energy bills, enhances their comfort and health, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and can future proof homes against extreme climate events. 

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