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Eve Wyatt - Chair

Retired from senior management at GO Transit/Metrolinx, Eve Wyatt is a civil engineer with extensive experience in project management, policy development, and application of technology. Motivated by a long-standing concern about climate change, she is currently devoting her time to results-oriented projects to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


Paul Dowsett - Vice-Chair

Paul Dowsett, principal architect at Sustainable, has been central to the mainstreaming of sustainable architecture in Canada, while practicing deep community engagement with equity-seeking groups of all backgrounds and abilities. Paul’s work consistently demonstrates the value of building-science-led design solutions for new construction and retrofits. He is a key advisor to governments and other stakeholders in the space of residential retrofits in Canada, and the founder of the Ontario Net-Zero Architects Network. Paul's own home was one of the first deep energy retrofits in The Pocket; this early retrofit work he did on his house reduced its energy use to 48% less than that required for a typical Canadian home, achieving net-positive-cost-of-energy. His firm later retrofitted a very similar home achieving the first ever LEED For Homes Platinum certification for a residential renovation in Canada and achieving an 83% reduction in energy use. Paul has recently completely electrified his home by upgrading to a cold climate air source heat pump and induction appliances - he is proud to be "natural" gas free!

Lori Zucchiatti O'Neill - Secretary-Treasurer

Retirement from a rewarding full-time position in the mental health sector has allowed Lori Zucchiatti O'Neill to devote more time to another one of her passions – our environment. She combines a personal commitment to continually reducing her own environmental footprint with a desire to motivate others to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and take other steps to protect our planet. Lori has extensive experience in volunteer management, and as a lifelong volunteer, she has donated her time and skills to many charities and not-for-profit organizations, often by serving on boards and committees in roles that include chair, secretary and treasurer. In 2021, she completed two years as Chair of the Pocket Community Association, followed by two years serving on the PCA Executive as Past Chair.

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