Retrofit Resources

Are you searching for effective tools and invaluable lessons to successfully implement a home energy retrofit? Look no further!

Whether you're a community partner eager to discover resources that will empower homeowners in your community to undertake retrofits or a homeowner seeking to delve deeper into the world of home energy retrofits, we have exactly what you need. Every home, regardless of its construction era, has the potential to reduce emissions. 

The following list of curated resources provides useful information to electrify your home and reduce emissions through retrofits. We will continue to update this page with additional resources as they become available. Please note: all links and files appear in the language in which they were provided.

Answers to Your Retrofit Questions

Check out this excellent list of curated resources for beginner/intermediate homeowners from the THR Technical Working Group!

HVRA Net Zero Carbon Project

The Net Zero Project’s mission is to help Harbord Villagers make more energy-efficient choices for their homes and transportation needs so they can reduce their household carbon emissions. Get information about HVRA’s bulk buy with discounted prices for induction cooktops and ranges. 

Heat Pump Testimonials from Real Homeowners - OCAA

Check out the new Testimonials page on Ontario Clean Air Alliance's (OCAA) website, where actual people who have heat pumps have submitted testimonials about their experience for others' benefit. You'll find the type, make & model, cost, and dealer for each heat pump a homeowner had installed; their comments about their experience; and more. The site also offers a handy calculator to estimate your possible savings from a heat pump and a lot of other great information about them. 

The Pocket Change Project

Find out more about the Pocket Change Project, whose retrofit coordination service in Toronto’s east end is already demonstrating homeowner demand for retrofits, the value of advice for homeowners and the ability to deliver significant GHG emissions reductions. THR is building on the Pocket Change model. 

Home Retrofit Forum

The Home Retrofit Forum is a peer support group on Facebook for Toronto homeowners who want to retrofit their homes to increase their energy efficiency, reduce or eliminate their use of fossil fuels, and make their homes more comfortable and potentially less expensive to operate.


BetterHomesTO is the City of Toronto's one-stop for Toronto residents to help them make their homes more energy-efficient and climate-friendly.

Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA)'s STEP initiative

The Sustainable Technologies Evaluation Program (STEP) website includes technical case studies of real home heat pump installations, giving the emissions and economic impacts of each project.